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365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 50


I have been creating. Honest!

Was accepted onto an intensive 6 month writing course with Hubpages and have been completely absorbed. I made this:

How to Paint Rocks

and this:

How to Deal (Spread) Tarot Cards

and this:

Techniques for Mixed Media Layering

and this:

How to Read Tarot Cards

and this:

How to Read Fives in Tarot

and this:

Foot Reflexology Techniques

Back to the book. A quick reminder… I set myself the challenge of creating something every day for a year. The main theme of my challenge is to work in THIS BOOK altering it, one page at a time. Sometimes I have to veer away, as the past week shows. However, barely a day has passed during the last two months when I haven’t made something. If you want to apply yourself to a shorter challenge, then have a look at Make Something Every Day, which has loads of ideas for a one-month creativity fest.

This page was created by stamping the page with a homemade styrofoam stamp and acrylic paint, collage, text, white-out pen and a quick spritz of diluted acrylic ink. My kids have both got colds right now and I hate to see them feeling less-than-great, so I wanted to remind myself to appreciate them at their rambunctious best, however irritated I am by the noise and general family rumpus.


365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 44

Make Something Every Day

Made a Squidoo lens today “Make Something” and this was the intro image. Page coated with clear gesso. Sprayed with diluted acrylic inks, stamped, painted and pretty silver stars and doodle hearts image glued on. Very quick and much fun.

Make an Art Journal from Scratch

Take some paper, fold it, sew it, splash some watercolor on it, collage it, crayon it, ‘zendoodle’ a border,  add some thoughts or a pithy quote or two. There. You have your art journal. Okay, okay, you wanted more than that, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

I made a Squidoo lens (page) all about creating an art journal from scratch. It includes Teesha Moore’s useful video which shows you how to make the black journal from a singe piece of 22×30″ watercolor paper. There are links to other art journal pages too, including a step-by-step ‘Create a Journal Page’.

If I was asked to give one word of advice of how to go about beginning an art journal (yes, I know I haven’t been asked but I’m going to give it any way), it would be ‘experiment’. Don’t worry about how it’s going to look when finished. It’s about giving yourself permission to be free. It’s not an art class; it’s a playground.