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Coloured pencil playfulness

Have fallen in love with Päivi‘s art – see her blog Peony and Parakeet. She has revived my interest in coloured pencils. I adore the way she uses them in her inspiring abstracts. Without trying to copy her style, I have made some of my own in a handmade journal.

Art supplies used: black fine liner pen, coloured pencils (some are watercolour pencils) and a corrector pen. The first image, “Steps to Happiness” has some collage and stenciled elements too.mixed media journal page


art journal collage and paint

mixed media journal page


coloured pencil mixed mediamixed media colored pencilmixed media w/colored pencil

This creature formed itself out of watercolour paint drips. I was trying to make a sort of tree and suddenly, there he was. All he needed was a few defining pen strokes.

Mixed media journal with colored pencil

This page was created by splodging on watercolour randomly, then picking out bits to colour with pencil. Some doodles started to reveal all the hidden monsters.

Art journal page color pencil abstract

I called this one “Patterns of Thought” as I was listening to some metaphysical blog radio at the time.

Patchwork art journal

Here is the cover, inspired by Teesha‘s fabulous journals. There are odd little pockets on the inside where I overlapped squares to make it the right size.Fabric journal inspired by Teesha

Rough puff patchwork

Life Book week 8

I have caught up – yay! This week’s lesson was created by Alena Hennessy, author of Cultivating Your Creative Life, and it was all about intuitive painting. She gave us a guided meditation, which I’m ashamed to say I haven’t partaken of yet (I’m a meditative wriggler) and a free form exercise using collage, acrylics, crayons and pen.

Mixed media abstract

I had a lot of fun with this – it’s one of favourite ways of making art. There was a stage (which I oughtta be used to by now, you’d think) where it got extremely ugly and I was about to bin it. I kept telling myself to press on and it would be okay in the end. Well, it’s not great, but it’s okay.