Make an Art Journal from Scratch

Take some paper, fold it, sew it, splash some watercolor on it, collage it, crayon it, ‘zendoodle’ a border,  add some thoughts or a pithy quote or two. There. You have your art journal. Okay, okay, you wanted more than that, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

I made a Squidoo lens (page) all about creating an art journal from scratch. It includes Teesha Moore’s useful video which shows you how to make the black journal from a singe piece of 22×30″ watercolor paper. There are links to other art journal pages too, including a step-by-step ‘Create a Journal Page’.

If I was asked to give one word of advice of how to go about beginning an art journal (yes, I know I haven’t been asked but I’m going to give it any way), it would be ‘experiment’. Don’t worry about how it’s going to look when finished. It’s about giving yourself permission to be free. It’s not an art class; it’s a playground.


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