365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 52

Show Yourself

This afternoon I thought I’d create another step-by-step for Hubpages. Haven’t written the article yet so no link but here’s just part of the page for now. Made a pinkish background using bubble-wrap. Yellowed up an old map, tore it into pieces and glued randomly to page. ‘Knocked it back with white paint diluted with glazing medium. Drew the face in my sketchbook and cut it out. Glued to page, cut out a dress from art paper. Toned down the background a bit more and painted her hair. Gave her a heart to hold and added text and white highlights. Rubbed gold acrylic paint and a little Neocolor II round the border and finally, journaled with a plain old ballpoint.

Edit: Here she be: Mixed Media Step-by-Step


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