365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 39

Thinking (& Letting Go)


Yesterday I felt like writing. I woke up thinking about an unresolved family situation and, as I hate to let stuff like that get in my way and spoil my day, I often find it is best just to write it out, letting the thoughts flow and not trying to produce a perfect piece of writing. Simply getting the crap stuff out of my head and onto paper.

I’d already begun this portrait that was going horribly wrong. It started out as a pencil drawing with a touch of acrylic. I wanted to reinvigorate the surface for more drawing by covering it in clear gesso. Well, of course, the pencil was still dry and the gesso activated it and it turned into a texture almost like oils. So I just went with it and then gave it up as a bad job! I quite liked her poor sad face and she matched my mood, so I left her alone and wrote in her hair and all around. My writing is so small and spidery that I will never want to read it again… and that’s a good thing. I even added more writing on top with marker to mess it up some more.


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