365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 35

Get Well Soon, Harry Catman

No creativity happening here, none. One of our cats was hit by a car thee days ago. He’s going to be fine. He has a fractured pelvis and is obviously bruised and sore. He was wandering down the lane when it happened. A wonderful couple out walking their dogs found him and carried him home to us. Friday was awful as we had no idea if he would make it or not after we said goodbye to him at the vet’s.  We wrote prayers for him and lit a candle. At 6pm we were told he had no internal injuries and his bladder was intact. Hooray! We were able to bring him home the next day. He’s had to go back once as he finds urinating difficult but this morning he managed all by himself. His next appointment is tomorrow evening.

Our daughter drew this little picture a couple of years ago after Harry decided to move in with us. We had no choice in the matter. He spent 6 months establishing that he was going to be part of our family and was prepared to make the ultimate male sacrifice to do so. Unfortunately, he never got out of the habit of wandering off wherever. Our other three girl cats never leave the house and garden.

We love Harry Catman.

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