365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 27


Another quick recap if you just landed on this page. This blog is (currently) assigned to a project inspired by the book, 365: A Daily Creativity Journal. Mostly my daily postings are of my attempts to alter the book, from a commercial, prompt journal to an experimental art journal. It’s where I try out new materials and supplies and where I make mistakes. It’s not pretty. Sometimes, my creative endeavors take place away from the book so I post them instead. Today I made bread… but that doesn’t count, does it?











I’m not sure whether this is just a background or if I will leave it as is. It is a simple torn collage of printouts of old journal pages. I’ll let it dry and see. I often print out previous pages and tear them into strips for borders or cut out an element that I know will be just perfect for a new page. Using your own artwork like this is much better than using other people’s. I’ve never seen the appeal of purchasing commercial collage sheets, although I do have some in my stash of papers that were included in kits that I bought a few years ago. Kits… why? It’s so much more fun to build your own treasure trove of resources.

Here, there are scans of collages, watercolors, rubber stamps, drawings by my daughter, buttons and journal entries.

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