365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 24

Messy Time

Prompted by the glorious “How to Be Creative in Textile Art” by Julia Triston & Rachel Lombard (ignore that 1* review; the woman seems to be describing a completely different book), I spent an hour experimenting with dryer sheets. These collages were created by soaking washed drier sheets in diluted Mod Podge, then anything and everything was stuck to them. I used foil, bits of packaging, fabric, silk, taffeta, netting,  thread, tissue, scrapbook paper, torn up sheet music and even strips cup from the top of dried cat food bags. Drizzled on some acrylic inks and sprinkled on some fairy dust. They are still damp, otherwise one of them would be stuck into The Book.

I’m thinking I might make more and stitch them together. Maybe add some more stitchery on top of them and glue them to a large canvas.

































2 thoughts on “365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 24

  1. Rachel Lombard

    Thank you for describing our book as ‘glorious’!
    I’m realy glad you’ve been finding it inspiring.
    I love the textures and colours you’re building up 🙂
    best wishes
    Rachel Lombard

  2. theraggededge Post author

    Thank you so much, Rachel. How lovely to have the author visit. Your book is absolutely glorious – I love it. More, please!

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