365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 12

Clear Gesso

Some arrived in the mail, so had a little play with it. You might think that clear gesso has no purpose… I mean, gesso, clear?… So I printed yesterday’s girl onto watercolor paper and Mod Podged her into The Book on top of the plain old white gesso mixed with acrylic paint. Squished on some more collage, pen scribbles and Neocolor IIs. Now you once you have added crayon, you can’t usually write or paint over it.  This is where the clear gesso comes in. I mixed some with a little cerulean blue acrylic ink and applied it to the whole page. I thought I had effectively obliterated everything but after a short time on the radiator, all the detail underneath reappeared. Magically, I could write right over the previous layers, wax crayon and all. Cue more markers, crayons, Neocolor 1s and pastels.

This is not art; it is experimentation.




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