365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day Six

Cheats Backgrounds

Two kinds of fast and easy backgrounds. These pages are ready for some further work so are incomplete. Well, it doesn’t say anywhere that the job has to be finished every day! The turquoise page has been transformed by glueing in a piece of my pre-made fabric paper.

Take a piece of muslin, brush on a coat of very runny PVA. Layer on some interesting paper and/or images. More runny PVA, a layer of tissue paper and a splash of dilute acrylic paint in one or more colours. Allow to dry. You can rub on some gold wax or acrylic paint to add some shabby chic glamour. Sometimes I cut them up into sections and then machine them back together with zig-zag stitch and gold thread. You can use them for anything. I kept the left side raggedy edge because I like raggedy edges.

The magenta page is simply a piece of scrapbook paper glued into place. Makes pages nice and sturdy. You can doodle or paint on it or add a transparent acetate ‘pocket’ to display a piece of ephemera or a treasured photograph.



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