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365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 34


Once more, creativity has been happening ‘off book’. The altered book has been ignored as I have been finishing up this little quilty, hangy thing for a little girl’s birthday. S’funny, when I am art-ing, I don’t want to knit or sew. When I am working with yarn or fabric, I don’t want to do art journal stuff. This can present a problem when I want to create textile art.


365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 33

Passion is the key to a good life.

It is, you know. When you feel enthused, inflamed, inspired, excited and passionate… about anything. Anything at all, whether it be another person, art or collecting thimbles. If it sets your heart beating and the blood racing, then you are feeling the life force pulsating through.

My girl doesn’t look too enthused, but inside she is burning with desire for the chocolate cake she has just spotted on the other side of the room. If she doesn’t get some very soon she is going to explode! Under that cook exterior throbs a deep desire for chocolate.

The page was created with reverse stenciling. Paint a background (or not) and let it dry. Cover with a coat of undiluted acrylic. Use two or more colours if you prefer. Lay down a stencil and simply dab through it with a babywipe to remove the paint and reveal the undercoat. I added clear gesso, drew straight on top with coloured pencil and collaged the dress and headdress.