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365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 15























I love the vibrant cerise colour of this page and didn’t want to obscure it too much. It’s so zingy, especially juxtaposed with the green next to it. In a rush this evening so used a simple flower stencil with acrylics. I pressed it against the opposite page to give it an interesting texture. Once dry, I used some Neocolor pastels and a black marker to highlight some areas. Again this one will be added to, improved and adjusted in due course. The nature of an art journal/altered book is such that is almost never finished. There is always something to work on. I think some lime green and maybe text will be necessary.


365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 14

An Abstract View



















New Paint! New Markers! A chance to play with dabs and daubs. My new acrylic paints are Pip Seymour Fine Acrylics and they are lush. I was looking for an alternative to the ubiquitous and very expensive Golden Fluid acrylics and came across these. They come in 250ml tubs and I am really impressed. Haven’t tried all the colours yet but the ones I have are creamy yet transparent. They are vibrant and ever-so-slightly glossy when dry. Me likey very much. It seems they’re only available in the UK and I got mine from Paint & Art . They may well be happy to ship to the US.

This teeny abstract was created with a layer of magenta, some swirls of cadmium yellow with a touch of white for opaqueness. Some Neocolor pastels, and doodles made with Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen Big Brush which are available in the US. They are wonderful for quite detailed work as they have a very pointy tip. However, if you angle them slightly then you can make all sorts of cool marks.

I wish my camera could pick up the deep, vibrant colors on this page. Perhaps I’ll try to take a photo in daylight or squish the book into my scanner tomorrow.


365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 13


Girl, Girl, Girl

Now don’t think because I don’t post that there’s no creating going on… it is probably because there is nothing presentable to share. Over the past few days I have been immersing myself in Suzi Blu’s portrait course: The Goddess and the Poet. I mentioned before that I wanted to learn how to draw faces – all kinds of faces. These three were my first attempts using colored pencil. They have been scanned, shrunk and printed so have lost some of their original lustre. Never mind, they make good journal page fodder.

I placed them on the previously made backgrounds I showed you a few posts back. On one page, I journaled a few random thoughts and on the other I placed a seahorse stamp and rubbed in some extra color with Neocolor lls. I think will probably do more to this page at some time – especially when there are more days left than pages!

365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 12

Clear Gesso

Some arrived in the mail, so had a little play with it. You might think that clear gesso has no purpose… I mean, gesso, clear?… So I printed yesterday’s girl onto watercolor paper and Mod Podged her into The Book on top of the plain old white gesso mixed with acrylic paint. Squished on some more collage, pen scribbles and Neocolor IIs. Now you once you have added crayon, you can’t usually write or paint over it.  This is where the clear gesso comes in. I mixed some with a little cerulean blue acrylic ink and applied it to the whole page. I thought I had effectively obliterated everything but after a short time on the radiator, all the detail underneath reappeared. Magically, I could write right over the previous layers, wax crayon and all. Cue more markers, crayons, Neocolor 1s and pastels.

This is not art; it is experimentation.




365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 11

Nothing completed in book but I have gessoed a double spread ready for tomorrow – it is still drying. I was planning on adding this drawing to the page – and this was completed today so I reckon it counts as my ‘Make something every day’.  Never been any good at drawing faces but am determined to learn how this year.

365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day Ten

Doodle Anything

Missed a couple of days – lack of sleep and inspiration at zero level.

Took my pre-made fabric paper and use it as a background. Then I simply doodled. Painted a face with acrylic paint and made a mess with more paint, markers, oil pastel and metallic markers. I worked quickly and didn’t pre-plan anything. Have been watching and reading material by Traci Bautista and have her Doodles Unleashed on order, so with her style in mind, I tried to be free and easy about this page.



365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day Nine

Dream Catcher

Today’s offering – layered collage. Scraps of fabric, handmade paper and ribbon were adhered to the page, then painted over with acrylic medium. I added a layer of white tissue and allowed the page to dry thoroughly. I tried to leave the word. “Source” from the original page heading to show through. A little bit of rubber stamping and some white pastel scraped over sequin waste provided the next layer. Then I glued on the girl, the butterfly and the printed words in Dymo font, charcoaled around the edges of the collage and finally sprinkled the page with some talcum powder, which takes care of any sticky bits.

365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day Eight

Printing on Muslin

The really good thing about this project is that I have no preconceived ideas about what I am going to produce each day, other than it will be in, on or connected to this book. I can experiment, make a mess, ruin a page and it doesn’t matter. I’m not trying to create a thing of beauty but to simply change a page one way or another.

Today’s experiment is printing on muslin using a freezer paper backing. haven’t tried it before and was utterly surprised and gratified that it worked on the very first attempt. Get a sheet of freezer paper, iron onto a piece of muslin so that it sticks. Trim any raggedy edges – you do not want them getting caught up in the printer. Remove cat hairs. Place in sheet feeder tray of printer. Select your image on your computer, press print and you’re away.

Remove from printer. Pick off cat hairs. Carefully peel freezer paper off muslin. You might have an interesting shadow image left on the freezer paper. Examine muslin, feel pleased with self and remove any remaining cat hair.

I’ve used acrylic matt medium to stick the muslin into the book. Trim edges to fit page.

The photo is of my mother when she was 17.  She was (and is) gorgeous though I think I have pulled her face a little out of shape. Sorry, ma! I love the way the underlying text shows through. There was a heart on the page so I positioned the print so that the heart looks like wings.






365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day Seven

Falling in love with yourself is the ultimate Valentine.  Then you have
infinite love to give to a partner.” Alan Cohen.

Whoohoo! Am way ahead of myself today. Mainly because my kid is busy completing an art assignment downstairs and I have time to kill in between his acrylic layers. As it is St Valentine’s Day, thought I would create a little heart thing.

Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy. Cutout some paper hearts, stems and leaves. Glued them into place, added “Happy Heart Day”! and it’s done. And I feel uplifted.





365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day Six

Cheats Backgrounds

Two kinds of fast and easy backgrounds. These pages are ready for some further work so are incomplete. Well, it doesn’t say anywhere that the job has to be finished every day! The turquoise page has been transformed by glueing in a piece of my pre-made fabric paper.

Take a piece of muslin, brush on a coat of very runny PVA. Layer on some interesting paper and/or images. More runny PVA, a layer of tissue paper and a splash of dilute acrylic paint in one or more colours. Allow to dry. You can rub on some gold wax or acrylic paint to add some shabby chic glamour. Sometimes I cut them up into sections and then machine them back together with zig-zag stitch and gold thread. You can use them for anything. I kept the left side raggedy edge because I like raggedy edges.

The magenta page is simply a piece of scrapbook paper glued into place. Makes pages nice and sturdy. You can doodle or paint on it or add a transparent acetate ‘pocket’ to display a piece of ephemera or a treasured photograph.