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365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 81

Zentangle Zendoodle Delights

I love this doodle-y art form, despite all the controversy surrounding it. I have made tons of pages and content relating to them, but lately have been too busy to actually enjoy creating Zentangles for their own sake. What do you need to make them? Paper, pen, pencil and an eraser. What could be simpler. If you’d like to try for yourself, click the image.






365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 78

Inspired by Zenspirations

A slightly different take on Zentangle is Joanne Fink’s gentle ‘Zenspirations‘. She uses simple patterns to create monograms, alphabets, borders and pretty doodles.  This page was created by spraying acrylic ink over stencils, then adding washes of watercolor. Once dry, I added lettering, dots, doodles and ‘dangles’.


365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 37 & 38


Sandy Steen-Bartholomew mentioned in a recent blogpost that she’s become enamored by Zenspirations by Joanne Fink. I’ve seen this little book on Amazon and I think it’s going to find its way onto my already cluttered desk. At first glance it seems a little simplistic, but sometimes simple is very good.

On the previously painted background I just took a marker and Zendoodled.

















Today’s page was created with an acrylic background, collage (fabric paper again), and doodles. I added charcoal for shading and drew over the bird that was already printed on the page. There’s room for more here.

365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 29 & 30

Art Journal Page & a ZIA

Didn’t get to post yesterday as we were out for the afternoon and evening. Went to see a Fleetwood Mac tribute band. Was v. fun. Anyway, I did this Zenangled-inspired piece the day before…












…and then today, I sat in the sunshine nursing a slight hangover and drew a girl-face. Wasn’t quite sure what to do with her and placed it on the table nearby and saw some interesting shadows cast by a lowering sun and my honeysuckle. I left the sketchpad where it was and just outlined a few of the shadows. Turned them into leaves and colored in the negative space with a dark background. All done with Inktense and some other random watercolor pencils.


365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 25 & 26

Textures and Tangles

Apologies for not posting for a couple of days. Creativity continues regardless.

I carried on with with my dryer sheet collages, this time using a brighter color combination. Here are some close-ups.

I love the chalky, scrunched up textures of torn paper, kitchen paper, tissue, netting, etc. The paint is diluted acrylic (Pip Seymour Fine Acrylics).

It’s Mother’s Day, or, more correctly Mothering Sunday here in the UK so I made a Zentangled card for mine.

365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 21 & 22

I’m forever drawing bubbles…

Spent the weekend drawing colored Zentangles, like so:


















Taken an age to upload this – wifi is terrible this weekend. Again this was drawn with a Sakura Pigma Micron pen and color was added with Derwent Inktense and Studio crayons.

I’ve been working in The Book this evening but have had to wait hours for an acrylic glaze to dry. Using a hairdryer had no effect whatsoever. The page isn’t finished yet for that reason but I will post a progress pic so you can see that creating has been done. I printed one of ‘my girls’ and made use of the sticky acrylic to adhere her. Made her a t-shirt from a small piece of fabric paper. Added some more fabric paper border I intend to add some text tomorrow. If it’s dry.

365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 20

Birds of a feather… should fly free

This is a scan and print of a Zentangle I drew last night. It has lost some of its intensity in the process. Pasted it into the book and journaled all over the page. I was annoyed with myself over some recent decisions regarding my son’s education and, while writing, was listening to another excellent talk by Sir Ken Robinson at TedTalks, ‘Bring on the Learning Revolution.” Well worth watching.











I’ve just done a few colored Zentangles – so far I’ve avoided color as, up until now I have been a bit of a purist and thought they should only be black and white pen drawings with a little added graphite shading.  However, I might have changed my mind. Here is the original straight from my sketchbook.

365 A Daily Creativity Journal – Day 18




















Not my usual style of Zentangle, it must be said. This one was done quickly with markers instead of pen and pencil. There was a sense of freeing up as I laid down the lines, like a kid scribbling. Forgot to post it on Saturday when I did it. I like to use Zentangles to divide up areas of text in my journals. Like the one below.